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Reluctant Medium Goes Wild and Free: Sept 2 & 3

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Praise for the “Reluctant Medium”

* “Ms. Collins satisfies the thirst for the unusual in this book.satisfies the urges with shamans, ceremonies, and howling wolves. Along the way, i learned a little about journalism, real estate, and of course, Santa’ Fe.
What other places will we travel with our girl Rachel?.. looking forward to finding out!!!”  — 3jaysmom

* “Couldn’t stop reading, had to get to the end.”  — Mojo

* “This is a clever story idea. Collins tells it well with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek Her descriptions of the desert southwest are vivid, and the dialogue is spot on. It is also a buddy story. Rachel’s relationship with her best friend and very wealthy real estate agent Chloe is rich, amusing and touching.”  — have book will read

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