Reluctant Medium Nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award

Reluctant Medium Didn’t See This One Coming

My thanks to Jiltaroo for nominating the Reluctant Medium at Large in Santa Fe for the One Lovely Blog Award. Being a novice blogger, I didn’t even know it existed, but thank you, thank you.

I understand these are the requests when you are nominated:

1. Include the blog award logo in your post. (Check)

2. Thank the person who nominated you. (Check)

3. Nominate 15 other people.

4. Tell 7 random things about yourself.  (Hmmm)

I’ll  be back later to work on these. Thanks Jiltaroo! G G Collins


15 people and their blogs: In no particular order.


Seven random things about me:

I believe animals communicate with us

My spirit animal is a wolf

I’m a chile head (that’s a person who likes chiles)

I like The Shed’s margaritas best (see below for story on The Shed)

My favorite place to shop in Santa Fe is Jackalope (see below for story)

I’m a Francophile

I enjoy Canadian and British TV programs


About G G Collins

Writer of Paranormal Mystery Series, Cozy Mystery Series, Teen & Young Adult Fiction. Reporter. Blogger.

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  1. By the way did you read about my ghost visit? I would love to hear what you think of that, I have related it as accurately as I can remember. Can I give you a link?


  2. Ooooh I’m going to give this a try. I’ll let you know when I find mine I have Angel Cards which I use sometimes but I love the idea of the Animal medicine cards. That must be a powerful day when the card you pick is your own animal guide! Jen


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