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Another Interview with G G Collins

G G Collins Interviewed on Kindle Book Promos

Reluctant Medium exposed by Kindle Book Promos. My thanks to Lucinda and Laura for supporting eBook authors.

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For those of you who are authors of eBooks, Lucinda Sue Crosby and Laura Dobbins wrote the book $ell more eBooks$ and it is available at Amazon. It’s packed full of tried and true tips to help you sell your eBook!

Reluctant Medium
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Perfect Halloween Reading: It’s not too late to download Reluctant Medium for a Halloween evening read, in-between trick-or-treaters, of course. It’s a little bit scary, but not enough to keep you up all night.

Happy Halloween
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Happy Halloween!

Building a Book, Part I

Aah, the Easy Life of a Writer

by G G Collins

Without an idea, there can’t be a book. When I began writing Reluctant Medium, I had an idea. I asked the question: What if someone performed a ceremony to return the dead and the wrong person returned? From there, I created the character who would do this and began the journey to find out.

Writing Keyboard
Public Domain

Fortunately, I never have a problem coming up with ideas. I won’t live long enough to write everything I want. But if you have trouble coming up with ideas, think about what you enjoy reading. Do you read fiction or nonfiction? What interests you: popular fiction, genre or literary? If you prefer nonfiction, do you enjoy biographies, how-to, spirituality, animal stories? There’s that old adage; write what you know. But you can also write what you can research. It can be a learning process for the writer too. Do you think you would enjoy research and conducting interviews? Once you know what to write about, it’s time to just do it.

Butt in the chair time. A few words about outlines; an  individual process. Some writers love putting together a long, complicated outline. They write pages about each character, the scenes, background, on and on. But you can also make an outline that has some short paragraphs describing where you want to go with the story. Start a synopsis, fill in the blanks later and choose your character names. I prefer the latter approach. It fits my personality better. There’s no wrong path.

Once you done your research, the interviews and your outline, you’re ready to write. Decide when you have the best opportunity of some unencumbered time. Are you a morning person or a night owl? When is your energy the highest? A lot of writers have a fulltime job in addition to their writing. That doesn’t mean you can’t cull out two or three hours a day to write. Consistently writing is the key to success.

Mobile Workspace
Copyright G G Collins

Simply stated, it’s a matter of being in that chair, hands on keyboard tapping out words. I don’t believe in writers’ block. Sure it’s difficult to begin, but start. If you don’t know how you want to open the book, then write the parts you have a better feel for. Some of us write description better, others are dialog demons. Our words are not sacred. They can be changed, probably will be changed during editing and polishing sessions. It might be helpful to join a writing group and do readings with others. Sometimes having a place to read your writing can help you get started and gain confidence. Do whatever it takes.

My words, my words! The first edit will likely be yours to do; maybe even the second and third. Eventually, you’ll likely need a professional to go through your manuscript. In my years working for a book publisher, there was only one author who could edit herself. She was terrific. The problem with self-editing: we know what we meant to say and we miss errors. And, that’s why newspapers have editors. The faster you have to turn in work, the more you need an editor. Keep a Chicago Manual of Style on hand for trips through your work.

Chicago Manual of
Style for Editing

Traditional route or self-publishing? It can take months or years or never, to haul in a traditional publisher or find a literary agent who will agree to represent your work. More and more, the traditional route is strewn with difficulties. Publishers or agents may not be accepting new clients or they aren’t accepting first-time authors. Sometimes they agree to look at your book and months go by without a reply. Your manuscript may be in a tall stack taking up space with other hopefuls, or the editor or agent just never gets around to sampling it. It can get pretty discouraging, but you can also come out a published book author. The easy answer? Try it and see what happens.

But if you prefer not to wait, self-publishing can be your answer. Two places are well-known for their support of the self-published author: Amazon and Smashwords. You do all the work, so get ready, but these are probably the fastest routes to a pub date. I decided to go with an eBook, but you can publish in paper at several places including Amazon.

DIY Formatting or Freelance Formatter?  You will have to submit your book in a required format. If your computer skills aren’t up to it or you don’t have the time, there are formatters who can do the work for you. Smashwords has a listing of such formatter angels. Send an e-mail to for author and founder Mark Coker‘s list.

Amazon’s Kindle

You will also need a book cover. I created my own and you can do this, particularly if you have an art background. If you don’t feel up to this, Smashwords also has a group of people who design book covers.

You can also read about how I created my cover. Just look under the “Publishing” category in the sidebar of the Reluctant Medium at Large to locate it.

Once you have your book in the correct format, it’s a matter of following the directions and answering a few questions. Soon you will find yourself at the “Publish” button. Take a deep breath and click.

In Part Two of Building a BookI’ll cover marketing and promotions and moving on the next book.

— G G Collins

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Reluctant Medium Now Available On Smashwords

Reluctant Medium Now @

Reluctant Medium has made another step in the eBook marketing world. With its publication on Smashwords it will soon be carried by Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, kobo and others. This means it can be downloaded not just to Kindle but to the Nook, Sony Readers, iPads, Smart Phones and other e-reading devices.

Thanks for your support and friendship.

Author Interview on Chompasaurus Reviews

Reluctant Medium Author Talks About Writing and Her Character

I appreciate the opportunity Chompasaurus Reviews gives new authors. My thanks to Annie Johnson for the coverage. You can also find her on Goodreads.

Check it out at:

Astral Travel: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Do You Think You’ve Traveled Without a Broom?

Flying Without a Broom
Available at Amazon

While some may think they’ve never taken to the astral plane, author D. J. Conway who wrote Flying Without a Broom, might just convince you otherwise. She says if you’ve ever participated in dream action scenes or experienced vivid dreaming in brilliant colors, you may have already have already made a visit. Conway says dreams of deceased loved ones, futuristic or historical dreams may also indicate a round-trip to the astral plane.

I first learned about astral travel while watching a rerun of the 1979 movie The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan starring Lindsay Wagner and Marc Singer. In it, Wagner’s character would go to sleep and travel back in time where she met Singer’s character. They of course, fell in love. I won’t tell the ending, because it is available on DVD. Wagner has more recently appeared on Warehouse 13 as Dr. Vanessa Calder.

Reluctant Medium
Available at Amazon

From that time, I was interested in this strange mode of travel. In the forthcoming Lemurian Medium, our intrepid Reluctant Medium Rachel Blackstone learns that friendship sometimes means going to the ends of the Earth—or even farther.

For the initiated, astral projection can appear impossible. As Rachel learns, it’s not a matter of snapping one’s fingers and off you go: will that be first class or coach? There is all manner of magical entities: teachers, healers, even lovers to meet. You can time travel forward or backward. But one must also be on the lookout for the darker side of the astral. Psychic attacks may be launched and we must learn to protect ourselves.

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan
Available at Amazon

Have I flown without a plane? I believe I have. I’ve had dreams where I flew above the Earth attached to a silver strand. I’ve visited with loved ones who have passed over. And I’ve experienced very vivid and colorful dreams.

Certainly, I couldn’t ignore the value of astral travel in fiction. When I needed my character of Rachel Blackstone to move through time, I remembered this fascinating topic and went straight to Conway’s book. The Reluctant Medium has one more thing to be reluctant about.

— G G Collins

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Lemurian Gifts to a Writer

Thanks to a Writer’s Friend

I looked at my favorite metaphysical and stone shops in Santa Fe and still came up empty-handed. My objective was to find three blue lace agates. The only form I could find was in beads, but I really wanted a natural stone. I wrote my friend Marilyn, who understands all things crystal and stone, lamenting my failure.

Lemurian Laser Quartz
Blue Lace Agate
copyright G G Collins

The blue lace agates play an important role in the upcoming Lemurian Medium. But I can’t tell all because it would spoil some of the story. But I told my friend who has been a great supporter of my writing and was probably the first to buy it and read Reluctant Medium. We’ve found common ground in many metaphysical arenas and have become sharers of our experiences whether it is past life regression or Lemurian legends.

Gifts of Inspiration
Copyright G G Collins

In my mail yesterday, I received a small package from her. Excitedly, I opened the plain brown envelope which revealed a treasure wrapped in bubbles. Out came two small plastic bags. One held three beautiful blue lace agates. Notice the delicate blue tones in the agates.The other, a Lemurian laser quartz! These are reputed to contain ancient information from Lemuria, much as computers do now. I couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hand.

Marilyn had cleaned the stones, charged them in moonlight and held them as she addressed their intent: that of inspiration to me as I continue to write the second Reluctant Medium book. For those of you who write, you know how much that kind of support and encouragement means.

Energy Radiating
from Laser Quartz
copyright G G Collins

The third photo was very interesting to me. I turned off the light and I noticed the Lemurian laser quartz appeared to be giving off some type of energy. I can’t know for sure, but I find it easy to believe that Marilyn’s friendship is radiating from this ancient quartz. Yes, I’m sure that’s it.

Thanks Marilyn.

— G G Collins

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New Writing Tip Posted

Which Pen Would You Choose?

Fountain Pen
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Learn which pen takes the best–and easiest–notes at a fast moving interview or press conference.

Click on the “Writing Tips” tab above.

Lemuria: Lost Continent of the Pacific

Reluctant Medium to “Discover” Lost Lemuria

By G G Collins (Copyright 2013) Copyscape Do Not Copy

Much as Atlantis is the enduring mystery of the Atlantic Ocean, so Lemuria is to the Pacific Ocean.  I suspect that in the coming decades as deep underwater exploration improves, we may learn the truth about these fabled lost continents.

The Lost Continent of Muby James Churchward

The Lost Continent of Mu
by James Churchward

Much has been written about Atlantis, and so I turned to the lessor studied Lemuria for my next book, Lemurian Medium. One man, James Churchward, has studied Lemuria extensively. However, Churchward always referred to the continent as Mu. He wrote several books about the subject and maintained that tablets in India were his source of reference.

Most interesting was the knowledge that Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand recognize Lemuria as their Motherland, much as western culture believes the origins of mankind are found in—what is to us—the Middle East.

Ruins have been found off the coast of Japan near Yonaguni. Here’s a short video of the discovery. Notice that a large sculpture of a face is quite similar to those on Easter Island. There are other longer videos for a lingering look at this fascinating underwater city:

Easter Island Statues
Public Domain

Further, some of our Native Americans are reputed to be descendants of Lemuria, particularly those in the southwest United States. But also the Mayans and Aztecs. It is believed by some researchers these people are of Lemurian heritage and either traveled by sea to settle in the Americas or were lucky enough to escape the great cataclysm that sunk an entire continent and killed millions.

English: The Lost Continent of Mu, by James Ch...

English: The Lost Continent of Mu, by James Churchward. Português: O Continente Perdido de Mu, por James Churchward. Alguém alterou a imagem original. Onde está escrito Lemuria deveria estar escrito Mu, pois são “continentes” distintos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was so taken by the research and the stories of Lemuria I wanted to use it in one of my books. If Lemuria was the Motherland, it would be interesting to see how it would change, not only the history books, but the great religions of the world and even how we think of ourselves.

It certainly will be interesting as more of our undersea mysteries are solved. In the meantime, it has been a pleasure to learn about Lemuria and use its mystical and mythical—but are they really?—elements in the  forthcoming Lemurian Medium (due out December 2013) as Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of a friend.

*     *     *

For more information:

Check out the History Channel’s Ancient Discoveries episode called “Lost Cities of the Deep.” I tried to find a free site to watch it, but couldn’t. It’s available at the History Channel and Amazon. Or catch a rerun. This episode includes the Yonaguni discovery.

Answer to last week’s psychic question

Answer to psychic question:

No correct answers on this one. Acequia Madre, or Mother Ditch, was used to disperse water to other areas of Santa Fe. In each neighborhood someone was assigned to open the gate and allow the water to flow along the ditch until it came to the next gate. The Acequia Madre is still operable. Here’s a link to the Santa Fe New Mexican story on the ditch:


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