Another Interview with G G Collins

G G Collins Interviewed on Kindle Book Promos

Reluctant Medium exposed by Kindle Book Promos. My thanks to Lucinda and Laura for supporting eBook authors.

$ell more eBook$
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For those of you who are authors of eBooks, Lucinda Sue Crosby and Laura Dobbins wrote the book $ell more eBooks$ and it is available at Amazon. It’s packed full of tried and true tips to help you sell your eBook!

Reluctant Medium
Available at Amazon
& Now Smashwords

Perfect Halloween Reading: It’s not too late to download Reluctant Medium for a Halloween evening read, in-between trick-or-treaters, of course. It’s a little bit scary, but not enough to keep you up all night.

Happy Halloween
Public Domain Image

Happy Halloween!

About G G Collins

Writer of Paranormal Mystery Series, Cozy Mystery Series, Teen & Young Adult Fiction. Reporter. Blogger.

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  1. Thanks very much. Soon you’ll be doing interviews!


  2. congratulations! all the best!


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