Thanksgiving in the States

A National Holiday of Thanks 

President Abraham Lincoln first declared a holiday of thanksgiving in 1863. But it is that “First Thanksgiving” that took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts during the autumn of 1621 after the Pilgrims brought in their first harvest that Americans most often think of. Reports say it lasted three days and included 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans.

Depiction of First Thanksgiving
Public Domain

The Pilgrims, who were much like any new immigrants, had failed to bring enough supplies to grow what they needed and were helped by a Patuxet Native American named Squanto who taught them to fish and grow corn.  Massasoit, the Wampanoag leader, also donated food to the Pilgrims to help them through that first year in what to them was the New World.

Today, families gather in homes and restaurants to celebrate Thanksgiving. For many people, this is a four-day weekend and family members may travel long distances to be together. It is the biggest air travel weekend of the year in the US.

Thanksgiving Cornicopia
Public Domain

The traditional menu is roasted turkey or ham, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, various side dishes and pumpkin pie for dessert. Everyone gathers around the table and some will take the time for each person to say what they are thankful for. Often, grace (prayers) are said and then everyone enjoys the meal. For many, it’s football games the rest of the day or maybe a movie. Personally, after the meal, I like to take a walk or go to the cinema.

I’m thankful for a really good year, and for all of you who visit and follow my blog. You come from so many countries it’s almost unbelievable that all of you have found it.

Other countries have a day of thanksgiving too. Canada, Germany, Japan, Liberia,The Netherlands and Norfolk Island, among others, celebrate a day of thanksgiving.

Wherever you live, I hope you have many reasons to be grateful.

— G G Collins

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