Smudging Ceremony

Basic Cleansing Ritual

by G G Collins      (Copyright 2013)

In Reluctant Medium, Rachel’s mechanic and shaman Lloyd Soretto smudged her car after it was repaired following a mishap into an arroyo while being chased in the dark. Soretto returned in Lemurian Medium to clear Rachel’s house after the man-eating Mesoamerican deity, Quetzalcoatl, made threats in her kitchen.

There are many reasons to cleanse rooms or objects. Have you ever had someone visit and when they left, it felt as if they had dumped their emotional baggage in your living room? After an illness, smudging can symbolize healing and moving on.When a person buys another house, they may wish to evict any lingering energy.

Items for Smudging CeremonyCopyright G G Collins

Items for Smudging Ceremony: sage bundle, sweetgrass, shell, cedar, charcoal & feather.
Copyright G G Collins

Several items are needed to perform a smudging ceremony. Sometimes you can find these as kits in a metaphysical store or you can buy each as you need them. Start with a white sage bundle. When burned, sage purifies negative energy and carries it away. Smoldering cedar attracts good spirits and negates harmful energy. When you wish to say a prayer or attract positive energy to a ceremony, burn sweetgrass.

An abalone shell makes a perfect vessel for incense, cedar or small amounts of sweetgrass or sage. You can also use a clay pot or flat stone as long as it’s a natural material. If you wish to use a charcoal disc for burning, you may break it in small pieces rather than using the entire tab at once.

Light the SageCopyright G G Collins

Light the Sage
Copyright G G Collins

Once you lighted the sage bundle, let it burn for a few moments. You’ll need a feather or piece of paper to fan the smoke, but please never kill a bird or pull a feather from a living bird. Many birds, such as the eagle are protected species. It’s just not good karma. Look for feathers on the ground or buy one.

Extinguish the fire by crushing the sage in the shell or blowing out the flame. Allow it to smolder. Using your feather, walk around the room in clockwise manner, wafting the smoke into all the dark corners where unwanted entities may hang out. If you’re cleansing an object, walk about the article and allow the smoke to caress it. For rooms, open a window to allow bad energy to escape.

Fanning with FeatherCopyright G G Collins

Fanning with Feather
Copyright G G Collins

If you wish, you may say a mantra such as “Ahh Om” or chant a blessing or prayer of your choosing. Ask the entities or energies to please vacate the space or item. And thank the pure presence in your life.

Smudging is a way of helping us start over, put unpleasant experiences behind us or just clear our personal space regularly. Clearing rituals have been used throughout the centuries and are as varied as the people who used them.

Sacred SageSmokeless Mist

Sacred Sage
Smokeless Mist

NOTE: Many of us are unable to tolerate smoke. If you are one, there is a product called Sacred Sage which is a smokeless mist containing white sage and cedar.

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