Connecticut Shooting Tragedy

Sandy Hook’s Women of Courage

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  1. This was a beautiful tribute to these brave women. Thank you for mentioning each of their names. There have been comments that the way the media plasters the shooter’s name and picture everywhere only encourages others to do similar things in search of fame, but you shared these women’s names instead and honored them for their sacrifice. Thank you for your thoughts.


    • I agree with you, the killer becomes “someone” and the everyday heroes can become background. Like you, I felt it important that people know who these women were. Thank you for leaving your thoughts. May we all rise to the occasion if called.


  2. Yes, remarkable women. What horror they faced. Thank you for finding the good in this. As an Australian, I sincerely hope this tragedy promotes a change to the gun laws in the US. A dreadful event here lead to this kind of change . I think the US owes it to their children.


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