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Crystal Balls: Not Just for Fortune Tellers

Reading a Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball & Fortune Teller, Public Domain

Crystal Ball & Fortune Teller, Public Domain

From snow balls to lawn ornaments to crystal balls, gazing balls have been popular for thousands of years. Gazing or scrying is the reading of a ball, mirror or water to gain perception or self-awareness. A reading doesn’t necessarily foretell the future, but may offer insights to your own subconscious. Crystals are chosen for this because they attract energy and are said to intensify and even transmit this energy.

In the upcoming Lemurian Medium, our Reluctant Medium, Rachel Blackstone will use crystals in several ways. She’ll have two with her while traveling the astral plane and use another when she reaches her destination. This necessitated some research. I also purchased an amethyst crystal—but they are available in many shades—about the size of an orange. Amethyst is said to be easier on the eyes, but I chose it because I like the color and it is protective on other planes. It is fantastic to use in photographs. The ball absorbs the colors and textures it is near and creates a beautiful reflective vision that is magic in a photograph.

My Crystal Ball in Warm ColorsCopyright G G Collins

My Crystal Ball in Warm Colors
Copyright G G Collins

Cleansing the crystal ball is the first thing you must do. Washing with soap and water is one way, but it can be smudged (see our smudging ceremony the first week of December 2012), buried in sea salt or by using sound. Try wind chimes or bells. This step removes energies from the ball which may be latent after it was touched by another person or absorbed angry or unkind energy from a caustic situation such as an argument or the delivery of sad news.

Once the crystal is cleaned, it must be charged. Some scries prefer to charge it in the light of the full moon, but others feel it needs 24 hours in sunlight and moonlight. But at least one expert warned that sunshine could weaken the crystal, actually removing the magnetism and leaving it useless. I usually charge new stones in the moonlight. Whatever you decide, just avoid a cloudy night.

When you are ready to begin your reading, dim the lights in the room or choose candle light. You may even smudge the room. If you wish, you may add a protection ceremony. Setting the crystal on a dark fabric or surface reserved for a reading is recommended. Relax in a quiet room or one with soft background music. At first, hold the crystal to allow it to absorb your energy and to make a psychic connection with it.

Then set it down and begin to focus your eyes on the ball. It’s helpful if you can clear your mind of all concerns and concentrate. Don’t be disappointed if your first experience is without images. It may take several attempts to achieve a successful read.

Same Crystal Ball in Cool ColorsCopyright G G Collins

Same Crystal Ball in Cool Colors
Copyright G G Collins

Think or speak the question you want to ask. What we want to happen is to see a mist fill the crystal. Contemplate the mist and allow it to clear. At this point, images or symbols may emerge. Usually, realistic visions to not occur, but symbolic reflections may. You can write your impressions after the reading when you have time to consider what they signify. Allow the mist to fill the crystal again and erase the visions.

You may also notice colors in the ball. For instance, red may predict something good or bad in the future. Blue is an optimistic color alluding to romance or friendship or success on the job. Green indicates good health and happiness.

Once you’ve finished your read, thank the crystal and place the ball into a protective bag or box to store it. You have completed your first crystal ball reading. At the very least, you had a pleasant and interesting experience and maybe even received the answers you were looking for.

— G G Collins

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There is so much more to crystal gazing. Here are a few links to learn more:

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Two books that may be helpful. Both are available at Amazon:

Crystal Ball Gazingby Uma Silbey

Crystal Ball Gazing
by Uma Silbey

Crystal Ball Readingby Alexandra Chauran

Crystal Ball Reading
by Alexandra Chauran

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