Sabbatical to Complete Book

Working to Finish “Lemurian Medium” 

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Time to Get to Work
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I’m going to take time to finish my next book in the Reluctant Medium series. I’ve set a deadline for completion. If something quick comes to mind, I’ll stop in and make a post. And of course, there’s always spam to clean off. Please bear with me as I knuckle down and get this book completed.

Writing the Reluctant Medium at Large blog is a delight and I will be back–I hope to announce the second book is done!

I’ll probably be making one more post to Parallel Universe at Large. That would give me 10 posts on the new blog.  Much more to come on that front too. Thanks for your patience and as always for stopping by and saying “hello.”

— G G Collins

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  1. A.M., I’m so glad you stopped by. It’s good to “see” you again. And lennonsundance, I love your hair. It reminds me of a wonderful friend of mine–she has RED hair too!


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