Missing in Action: One Dragon

Where’s My Dragon?!

You know how it goes, you buy something you’re going to use for writing a book and when you reach that point in the story line, it’s nowhere to be found. That’s what happened to me. When it came time to write about the dragon, well, I couldn’t find my dragon.

How to Train Your Dragon (film)

How to Train Your Dragon (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before you start imagining I have a dragon entrenched at the closest dragon stable, munching on hay and barn rats, and only occasionally catching his stall on fire, let me just stop you. There is a rumor that dragons aren’t real. Mind you, that’s just a rumor. Just because no archaeologist has dug up the skeletal remains of one, doesn’t mean they never existed. We haven’t found proof Lemuria existed either, but well, there are those ruins off the coast of Japan. But I digress.

How to Train Your Dragon Find it at Amazon

How to Train Your Dragon
Find it at Amazon

My dragon is the action figure from How to Train Your Dragon, the animated movie from a couple years ago. It had been hanging from various lamps and pieces of furniture for many months, and I guess I got tired of dusting it and so put it away—but where?

The search began. First it was my closet, flashlight in hand, I checked every nook and cranny, the overhead with the pillows and blankets, the rack holding all those sensible shoes, and finally the plastic bags that hold tiny stuffed animals (the cute bat, the black cat) I couldn’t resist years ago. Then back to my office to look in the antique secretary and the more modern desk and credenza. Maybe it’s behind the incense I bought for research when I wrote my first book? Nope. How about the stacks of photos that litter the lower shelf in the credenza? Or next to the crystal ball? Zilch, nada, zip, nuf sed.

Okay, now I’ve scattered the remains of my occasional cards, The Associated Press Stylebook I use for editing and the leavings from other writing projects. Nothing! I’m beginning to panic. I should have been more careful. This was an important research tool, and I can’t finish my second in the Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series without it. How could I have been so careless?

I retrace my steps. Closet, secretary, desk, credenza. Check, check, check and check. This is quite the dilemma. Then an idea comes to mind: bedside table? Top drawer? No again. Middle drawer? Still no. Bottom drawer? Yes! Yes! There it is! His wings had been removed, but I find them among my scarves, nestled safely. I put him back together. He’s perfect, so cute.

My Dragon Action Figure Copyright G G Collins

My Dragon Action Figure
Copyright G G Collins

Crisis averted, back to writing. I have my dragon and he adds depth and fun and adventure to Lemurian Medium. I’m coming to the end of the story, and the dragon plays an important role in the conclusion. Things aren’t going well in Lemuria. There are earthquakes and a volcano is erupting. Rachel Blackstone must get back to the astral plane in time to take the red-eye back to Earth in her time and place. And a little dragon helps her out. A real one of course, not the toy action figure that lies next to my computer.

Funny thing. Did you know the ancient civilizations—although they lived in a time when there was no way to know one another or travel for a visit—they had two things in common: they built pyramids and they all had depictions of dragons. Hmmm?

— G G Collins

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