FREE New Release “Lemurian Medium” December 28 & 29, 2013

Opening Weekend for “Lemurian Medium.” Try it at Amazon.


FREE: December 28 & 29, 2013

New Release:
“Lemurian Medium” a Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery

When a friend vanishes into a painting at a posh Santa Fe gallery, Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of her. What she doesn’t expect, is to land in an ancient civilization, one intent on keeping her–and her unproven powers. Even more frightening; a Mesoamerican deity who enjoys human snacks. But first, she must survive the “Terror of the Threshold.”

Join Rachel and friend Chloe as they band together again to solve the mystery of their missing coworker. Little do they know it will involve the long ago sunken continent of Lemuria (the Atlantis of the Pacific), crystal power, time travel and dragons!

Can Rachel become a successful astral-naut? Or will she be lost forever in the cosmos?

A big thank you to all who support me. That includes Marilyn, Cherie, Joe and #1! And special thanks to readers who have embraced Rachel Blackstone and her adventures.

Review of “Reluctant Medium:” I really enjoyed this book! This book kept me up way too late. I can’t wait for the next one! — Angela Causey

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Writer of Paranormal Mystery Series, Cozy Mystery Series, Teen & Young Adult Fiction. Reporter. Blogger.

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