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Interview with the Anasazi Medium Characters – Guest Post by G G Collins…

Interview With Characters of Anasazi Medium

My thanks to Chris of the Story Reading Ape. A writer’s best friend.

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The Reluctant Medium characters congregate to discuss author G G Collins’ new paranormal mystery Anasazi Medium(Release: August 1, 2020). It is fourth in the Rachel Blackstone series.

The rooftop deck has been completed at the newly remodeled High Desert Country Magazine headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a cover to keep the summer monsoon at bay, we can watch the glorious sunset as the clouds clear in the west. The margaritas are poured. They’re waiting on you.

As founder and publisher of High Desert Country, Julian Brazos will conduct the interview.

Julian: Welcome everyone. Thanks for coming in the rain whichour high desert city needs desperately.

For those of you who have never read a Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery, here’s a bit to catch you up. In Reluctant Medium, Rachel tried a Hopi ritual to return the dead. She wanted to talk with…

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Anasazi Medium Native American Mystery .99 Cents August 3, 2020 Only

Anasazi Medium Now #21

Native American Literature Category

Click the Book Cover to Order or for More Info.

Since it’s release August 1, 2020, Anasazi Medium has already climbed to #21 on Amazon’s Native American Literature Category.

Based on the Fourth World of the Hopi, it explores the possibilities should the Fourth World end. Rachel Blackstone, the Reluctant Medium, is visited by an ancient Native Puebloan who warns her that Mother Earth is threatened by evil men. If they are not stopped, the world will end when the Dog Star plunges into the planet.

Anasazi Medium is the fourth in the Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series.

Only .99 cents for 24 hours only: August 3, 2020 beginning at 8 a.m. PDT. Click on the book cover to learn more.



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