Reviews for “Lemurian Medium”

Book Cover Newest LM 6-2014

Reviews for “Lemurian Medium”


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***** Hang on tight…it’s quite a trip!

By Concordia Belle

The “lost continent” of Lumuria has fascinated me for a long time, almost as much as the American Southwest and the idea of astral travel, so a mystery set in Santa Fe with a trip to Lumuria thrown in had me hooked from the start. I really enjoyed the story, the mystery kept me guessing all the way. The idea of astral travel was well-presented and I’ll be looking for more books by G G Collins.
Rachel Blackstone is a gifted magazine writer and enjoys her work. She is also a paranormal investigator whether she likes it or not. The disappearance of her co-worker and friend at a recent art show has her back on a case to find her friend. Strange occurrences at the Art show causes her friend to vanish. Now Rachel has to find the way to find her missing friend and get her back. She starts first investigating what she knows with her boss and when he gives her the necklace he had given the missing woman one touch tells Rachel she is again dealing with the supernatural. Once she has the necklace at her home and goes to lay it out she begins to see her problem when it turns into an ancient serpent god. Now she has dealt with malevolent spirits before but nothing this big. Her search takes her on journey to ancient Lemuria via Astral Projection. Finding her friend there and getting her back to the real world is going to be a challenge since the huge snake god wants to now destroy her if she can’t stop the volcano from destroying Lemuria. All of this would destroy most people but Rachel Blackstone will worry about that after she solves the mystery. This is full of twists and turns and well I had to read it all the way through as I couldn’t put it down. Grab it now while you visit Lemuria and get ready to hold your breath till the end.
Bella Doerres MaEd
By MoJo
I love serial books and Ms. Collins kept my interest from page one to the end. I especially like watching the friendship between Rachel and Chloe grow deeper as they share their lives, loves, and adventures. The trust they have for one another and Rachel’s desire to risk her life to save a friend, shows Rachel’s humanity, no matter what is going on around her. The transition from ReluctantMediumtoLemurian Medium makes me anticipate the release of their next adventure.I thought the description of Santa Fe at Christmas was wonderful. Makes me want to make another trip to see the lights and enjoy the excitement portrayed in this book. I also actually felt the tension this author created when Rachel was entering the portal and travelling to a place unknown to her to save a friend. Some thingsIam interested in were also mentioned, the Anasazi people, colors of auras, and the use of crystals to assist Rachel in accomplishing her goal. I learned new things, found otherthingsto be thoughtful about.I look forward to reading the next book in this series and the next and the next.
****  Another good paranormal mystery June 4, 2014
By Cheryl
I love the historical insight within the pages of G G Collins paranormal mysteries. The two Rachel Blackstone books I have read have been intriguing and thoughtful. The carefully crafted mystery within a historical accounting of the paranormal keep the reader engaged with guessing what will happen next. The lightheadedness between friends and the family atmosphere between employees makes for a seamless transition between scenes and events. I look forward to reading the next Blackstone adventure and more from G G Collins.
***** A Fun Read 
By Shasta
I enjoyed this story and look foreword to reading books by this author again. The story moved at a good pace and kept you interested in the outcome

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