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My thanks to all who have taken the time to read, review and recommend Reluctant Medium

***** by Angela Causey I really enjoyed this book! This book kept me up way too late. I can’t wait for the next one! 

***** by Sheilagh Lee “S.B.Lee” (Canada)The supernatural has always interested me so I looked forward to reading this book about a reluctant medium. The main character Rachel Blackstone is grieving, her father died mysteriously three months ago about the same time her marriage started to crumble. Rachel has decided to use Hopi techniques she learned to bring back her father to ask him how he died. But something goes wrong and another entity, an evil entity springs forth bent on harming her brother. Rachel is forced to go back to the place where her father died to warn her brother.

The story is rich in details as we see Rachel work at her job as a reporter and read descriptions of Santa Fe and the area. I really liked this character and her friend Chloe. I truly enjoyed the story told by this author G.G. Collins, the rich details of the Hopi traditions and beliefs. I also enjoyed the lead up to the conclusion of this book. I look forward to reading the next book by this author Lemurian Medium.

***** By Simie  Hopefully the beginning of a great series!

Rachel Blackstone has fled from her home in Santa Fe leaving behind her life after being devastated over the death of her father. He died in a mysteriously in a car accident and now, she is looking for answers. Using a ceremony she learned from a Hopi shaman, she tries to raise his spirit to get the answers. Unfortunately, the ceremony does not go that way and instead of raising her dad’s spirit she raises a spirit who is up to no good. And on top of that, this spirit seems to know her family, specifically her brother. Well, at least it asks her how he is doing.

Deciding to go and protect her brother from this spirit, she decides to go back to Santa Fe. There she will face her soon to be ex-husband, her old boss who is still upset that she suddenly left, and has a re-union with her crazy real estate agent friend, Chloe. Along the way, she gets her old job back and finds herself in the middle of writing a story about a new building development that is not what it seems to be.

I really enjoyed reading this book! It was a fast read with great characters and a thrilling storyline. Rachel and Chloe’s relationship are at the heart of this tale as Rachel tries to uncover the truth of what is going on at the development while also trying to protect her brother, and find out what happened to her dad.

And reading this book has made me want to visit Sante Fe! This book is a Must read.

***** By Sandy, Shelfari Member

“Love the characters in this book. Kept my attention throughout the story.  Great read!”

***** By Bette Jacobson, Shelfari Member

“This book makes you feel and taste Santa Fe, a wealth of detail, about a city I have always wanted to visit. The story has everything a good book should have, in my estimation, mystery, believable characters, a little bit of humor (some even laugh out loud), love and best of all idea exploring. This is a book that I will be rereading in the future.”

***** Enticing Paranormal/Supernatural/Native American themed=SW U.S.

By Mallory Anne-Marie Haws. See all Mallory’s reviews at:
I totally enjoyed reading “The Reluctant Medium,” and am thankful to see it is a series, so I can look forward to more. A very fast-paced story, yet there are pauses for the reader to recuperate, while the protagonist enjoys her friendships-long-term as well as new and budding-and takes time out to think through the situation in which she has, completely inadvertently, immersed herself and others.

Rachel Blackstone, a reporter, left Santa Fe when she left her husband, moving to Tulsa and experiencing a depressing reduction in her life style. Then her father died in an inexplicable vehicular accident below the Santa Fe Ski Basin, and Rachel is convinced it was more than an accident. An interview with a wise elderly Hopi shaman inspires her to try to recall her father to life temporarily, but instead, the ritual unleashes a “monster,” an evil spirit determined on returning from the dead to wreak havoc and achieve vengeance. The spirit claims a link to Rachel’s brother Chris, disliked mayor of Santa Fe, so she drives all night back to Santa Fe to help. What she finds is a complex of difficulties, danger, budding romance, and tension, which renders the novel engrossing and thought-provoking.

***** By OregonDreamer:  Metaphysical meets Native American

The blending of Native American Shamanism with investigative reporting and the emotions of family lead the reader down the streets of Santa Fe to try to solve the mystery of her Father’s untimely death. With the help of friends Rachel Blackstone, a Santa Fe reporter, uncovers clues both in the physical and spiritual world. After an evil spirit is released by mistake, Rachel must develop her spiritual strength to defeat and send the spirit back to where he belongs.
The author, G G Collins, seems to have researched the locations, culture and shaministic beliefs well. The story kept my interest and also incorporated the bond between animals and humans, which was a very nice touch.
I can only hope we will be able to share more adventures with Rachel in the future.

***** By 3jaysmom: A Bite for Discerning Tastes

Are you a person like me? Have you ever acted on impulse, and realised it wasn’t such a good idea?
My mom used to tell me to “look before you leap”but over, and over again, I had to learn that lesson the hard way.
Our girl Rachel is doing the same thing, in this first installment of the Reluctant Medium Series.. she’s taking risks, and going places she never imagined to go, and best yet, she’s taking US with her!!!
Thanks to an old friend, and a few new ones: one being a reclusive wolf who howls in warning in the dead of night, but warning of what?
Well, to say the least, I was intrigued.
We’re taken on a tour of the spirit world, in the first few pages of this romp, and on to The City of Santa Fe’ a place i’ve never been, but want to now!
Now, as a reader, I tend to lean towards the shapeshifters and weres of Laurell Hamiltons Anita Blake series, and the werewolves that populate Christine Warrens novels.
Ms. Collins satifies the thirst for the unusual in this book.satisfies the urges with shamans, ceremonies, and howling wolves. Along the way, i learned a little about journalism, real estate, and of course, Santa’ Fe.
What other places will we travel with our girl Rachel?.. looking forward to finding out!!!

On another note, I’ve discovered a blog that leads us through some of the spots in Santa Fe’ that were in the book.. the story continues! Hope you’ll enjoy the book, and join in its’ very own treasure hunt!

**** By Have Book Will Read: Medium Well Done

An old cynicism: Be careful of what you wish for; meets good advice for amateurs: Don’t try this at home. Nevertheless, noted journalist Rachel Blackstone, grieving for her late father and not convinced his death was an accident, tries to communicate with him from beyond. Desperation mixed with uncertainties and a moment of distraction causes the wrong spirit to return to this temporal plane. He is not a happy spirit. His killer, their secret and those involved will soon feel his anger. His wrath makes him strong, his vengeance makes him evil. Rachel, clueless about the unearthly world, and largely unwilling to go there, finds that she must embrace the supernatural, channel her new found mojo and save herself and everyone she cares about.

This is a clever story idea. Collins tells it well with just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek Her descriptions of the desert southwest are vivid, and the dialogue is spot on. It is also a buddy story. Rachel’s relationship with her best friend and very wealthy real estate agent Chloe is rich, amusing and touching. The evil-doers, except the wrong spirit, are somewhat standard issue, but then so are most bad guys. On the whole the lead characters are credible, well-drawn and likeable.

Some horror fans may be disappointed that there is not more tension, dread, or unseemly happenings, but the climax is more than a cheap thrill and the set up for subsequent stories (dare we hope) follows the action sensibly. In all, a good story, well told.

***** By Mojo: Reluctant Medium

What a great way to spend a Saturday! Couldn’t stop reading, had to get to the end. Love the Tulsa and Santa Fe connection. I loved the sense of adventure that came through with Rachel and her courage to finish what she started. It gave me wonderful memories of another trip to Santa Fe. The metaphysical subject was explained well for this beginner. God is in her heaven!

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