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UK Amazon CountdownDeal Cozy Mystery

Book Publishing is Murder!

Meet Taylor Browning, Mystery Editor at a Santa Fe, New Mexico book publisher.

8 AM GMT Friday to 8 AM GMT Monday. $.99 Cents for 72 hours. UK only.

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If only Taylor would stay in her office and edit manuscripts, but no, she can’t resist snooping. Amateur sleuthing, as she knows from reading mysteries, can be dangerous. But that doesn’t stop her.

In Dead Editor File, the first in this new cozy series, the CEO of the book publisher is found dead in his locked office. The staff, while shocked doesn’t seem to be grieving. His ex-wife is positively beaming. Their blockbuster writer wants business as usual. Taylor is new to the book publisher and doesn’t know how to feel.

Soon the police determine it was murder and everyone is suspect, including Taylor. Only her Abyssinian cat, Oscar, is above suspicion. But he has issues at home, especially when a meal isn’t served on time.

Discover why book publishing is murder!



4.8 Overall Rating on Amazon

4.59 Overall Rating on Goodreads

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New Cozy Mystery: Looking Glass Editor

Taylor Browning Cozy Mystery: Book 2

#99Cents Introductory Price for First Week.

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While rescuing a kitten, mystery editor Taylor Browning witnesses a murder. Only she doesn’t know it, but the murderer sees her. A dangerous game of cat and mouse commences in this second outing for the Taylor Browning Cozy Mysteries series. And no, Oscar, Taylor’s Abyssinian cat is not amused by the new baby in his kingdom.

At the Santa Fe book publishing house, things aren’t much better. A new metaphysical mystery writer, Crystal Visions, is exhibiting symptoms of an uncooperative nature. Taylor is sent to Sedona to encourage the author to fulfill her book contract. Once there, she is spellbound by the New Age community and its magical vortexes.

Detective Victor Sanchez is relieved Taylor left New Mexico. He believes she will be safer in Arizona while he works to solve the murder. Her amateur sleuthing had already led her right into a gruesome discovery. In the small town of Sedona, Taylor receives a disturbing note and realizes the killer followed her. The detective travels to Arizona to protect her, but has to leave his gun at home.

While Taylor explores one of the vortexes in Arizona’s beautiful Red Rock Country, she becomes aware she is no longer alone. By the time Victor arrives on the scene, Taylor is fighting for her life along the treacherous cliffs in the suspenseful conclusion.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

Before walking a reporter’s beat, I worked at a book publisher. Publishing is composed of exhausting details related to editing, bluelines, cover art, print runs and writing copy. The glamour is occasionally broken by an author who slams out of the office because it’s taking so long to publish the baby. And oh yeah, it’s not a baby to a publisher, but a product to be sold. And the hope is, it will make money.

I’ve taken these experiences, added cat companions and quirky staff to populate the Pinon Publishing office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In this, the second outing for Taylor Browning, I threw in some travel to Sedona’s Red Rocks Country. And then, there’s the killer!

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Omnimystery News Guest Blog by G G Collins

Paranormal Mystery Writer G G Collins Blogs

Omnimystery News Icon

Explosive Tale Pits Psychic Against Nazi Terrorists

Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

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Check out my guest blog and learn how Atomic Medium came to be. It’s a little bit supernatural, a little bit history and all fun. Join reporter Rachel Blackstone and friend Chloe for their latest adventure in the Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series. No lines at TSA for this trip, but no map or directions either. Travel back to 1945 when the most feared weapon of mass destruction was developed in Los Alamos. Will Rachel stop two evil men intent on changing history? It’s no small task for the two friends; just save the world!

  Amazon 5-Star Review: “I loved that the suspense lasted right up to the last page.”  — Mojo

Reluctant Medium is Free Today Only June 6, 2014

Praise for Reluctant Medium

Reluctant Medium

Reluctant Medium

Thank you Amazon readers:

I look forward to the next adventure and you should give this first paranormal mystery with reporter Rachel Blackstone a try. You won’t be disappointed. — Cheryl

Very funny, very good characters, very much a good mystery. It all adds up to an entertaining read for a wide range of tastes. I am hoping the next one is as eclectic. Enjoy this great read. — jbshorses

I really enjoyed this book! This book kept me up way too late. I can’t wait for the next one! — Angela Causey

Reluctant Medium has attained 21 reviews and has an overall rating of 4.4. Thanks to all of you who read and took the extra time to write a review. I appreciate it very much.

If you haven’t read Reluctant Medium, you can try it today free. Just click on the book cover.


The second in the series, Lemurian Medium, is available at:


On Location in Santa Fe: The Lensic Theatre

The Lensic Performing Arts Center Offers a World of Entertainment

by G G Collins      (Copyright 2014)

In Lemurian Medium, reporter Rachel Blackstone is assigned a story about the Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet. She visits The Lensic PAC to interview the artistic director and discuss the ballet’s first performance of the New Year.
The Lensic PAC copyright G G Collins

The Lensic PAC
copyright G G Collins

The Lensic Performing Arts Center began life in 1931 as a theatre. The city of Santa Fe owes it all to a young immigrant from Syria. In July 1866, Na’aman Soleiman arrived in New York. He was only twenty-one and hailed from Biskinta, Syria. He began his life in his adopted country as Nathan Salmon a cart peddler. While selling goods throughout the Southwest he found himself stranded in Santa Fe during a snow storm.

Salmon prospered despite the Great Depression and soon was buying land in Santa Fe. On March 27, 1930 he and his son-in-law, E. John Greer, announced plans to build a grand theatre for the city’s 11,000 residents. Yes, “talkies” were coming to Santa Fe.

But there was the problem of giving it a name. Salmon offered a contests prize of $25 for the best name. There were two stipulations: It would be a Spanish name or an acronym using the initials of his grandchildren’s names (Lisa, Elias John, Nathan, Sara, Mary Irene and Charles). Mrs. P. J. Smithwick came up with the winning name. The Lensic suggested both the projector lens and made reference to the theatre’s grand interior.

In June of 1931 the theatre opened. Cinema was the pick-me-up to a beleaguered population during the Depression and the world war that followed. Tickets cost 25 to 75 cents. Everything from vaudeville to first-run movies was showcased.

But during the management days of United Artists the majestic Lensic fell on hard times. It closed in 1999.

Lensic PAC Notice Detail copyright G G Collins

Lensic PAC Notice Detail
copyright G G Collins

It was in danger of becoming permanently dark when far-thinking people (Bill and Nancy Zeckendorf ) raised the funds turning it into the swank PAC it is today. There was a multi-story addition to the rear of the building and the interior was carefully restored to its stunning ornate decor. The Lensic found its groove once again.

The 800-seat theatre hosts some 200 events each year. It is the performance venue for the Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet. The ballet company began in Aspen in 1996 and became a hybrid model in 2000 when Santa Fe was added to the shingle. The company cultivated the careers of new choreographers and mixed it up with greats such as Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp and William Forsythe. Their reputation grew and invitations from Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap followed as did guest performances in Canada, France, Israel, Brazil among other countries.

The Lensic PAC Lush Exterior

The Lensic PAC Lush Exterior Copyright G G Collins

Other groups that regularly perform at the Lensic include the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, Santa Fe Concert Association, Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe Pro Musica and Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus. The Lensic also hosts diverse performances from international artists and eclectic programs from around the planet.

Classic movies, the New Mexico Jazz Festival and a creative series called Under Construction that gives writers and actors a chance to perfect their evolving creativity.

Although The Lensic has been recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, you can go to gape at the grandeur both inside and out while enjoying your favorite entertainment.

For more information:

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Lemurian Medium Sample Chapter

Sample “Lemurian Medium”

Lemurian Medium Copyright G G Collins

Lemurian Medium
Copyright G G Collins

Click on the “Sample Chapters” tab above to read the first chapter of Lemurian Medium. I’ve also included the bibliography I used to research Lemuria, astral travel, crystal communications, space clearing and Mesoamerican ancient culture including Chichen Itza and the man-eating deity Quetzalcoatl.

— G G Collins 

For more information, the Kindle ebook is available only at Amazon:

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On Location in Santa Fe: Palace of the Governors

Palace of the Governors Built Like Fortress

by G G Collins  (Copyright 2014)

In Lemurian Medium, reporter Rachel Blackstone visits the museum to meet former priest, Father O’Brien, who will help her learn astral travel. She must journey to Lemuria to rescue a friend.
The Palace of the Governors has witnessed four centuries of Santa Fe history.

The Palace of the Governors has witnessed four centuries of Santa Fe history. Copyright G G Collins

When you first see the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, it likely won’t resemble any palace you’ve seen. It is nothing like the Palace at Versailles or Buckingham in London. Think more Wild West, less European. Built in 1610, the building blocks were made of mud and straw, dried to adobe bricks in the abundant sunshine. Like its European equivalents, it has seen war, revolt, prosperity, want and peace—sometimes a bitter peace.

The long portal is much nicer than the first efforts with its vigas protruding through the brown adobe finish. The structure is used daily by artisans selling their works, each a member of the state’s Native tribes.

Gaining entry through the doors at the Palace is awkward at best.

Gaining entry through the doors at the Palace is awkward at best. Copyright G G Collins

The building encompasses the entire north side of the plaza. It is the oldest public building in continuous use. It was built as a seat of government in what was considered to be an untamed isolated frontier. For this reason, the walls were made four feet thick. The entry to the courtyard on the west side is a small door. It was purposely made too small for the average person so it is awkward to enter. That gave soldiers protecting the palace the upper hand as invaders had to step over and duck at the same time to get through the entrance.

Lew Wallace, author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, was also the territorial governor during the turbulent late 1870s. After a day of edgy negotiation with Billy the Kid in the spring of 1879, he wrote the last scenes from his study in the palace during a fierce storm. Wallace huddled near a shrouded lamp; windows heavily shuttered fearing imminent attack during the Lincoln County War. The conflict was an Old West range war over a dry goods trade which accelerated into massacres and revenge killings.

The holes in floor fascinated. No one seems to know why they are there. They’re not long enough for an escape tunnel, but perhaps they had been used to hide valuables or even a person. Because the original floors were packed earth, it was easy to see why digging holes might be a natural for hiding nearly anything

Native American artisans at the Palace of the Governors

Native American artisans at the Palace of the Governors. Copyright G G Collins

The artists and jewelry makers sit on the porch—rain, shine or snow—selling their beautiful work to visitors hoping to take home a little piece of New Mexico. There is a seemingly endless supply of pottery, jewelry and sand paintings.

During the Christmas season, city crews wrap garland all around the Palace portal (porch) making it festive for the season.

Be sure to visit the New Mexico History Museum while at the Palace of the Governors. The beautiful new museum is just across the Palace courtyard. The museum also offers historical tours of Santa Fe. 

Call 505-476-5200 or check out: for more information.

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FREE New Release “Lemurian Medium” December 28 & 29, 2013

Opening Weekend for “Lemurian Medium.” Try it at Amazon.


FREE: December 28 & 29, 2013

New Release:
“Lemurian Medium” a Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery

When a friend vanishes into a painting at a posh Santa Fe gallery, Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of her. What she doesn’t expect, is to land in an ancient civilization, one intent on keeping her–and her unproven powers. Even more frightening; a Mesoamerican deity who enjoys human snacks. But first, she must survive the “Terror of the Threshold.”

Join Rachel and friend Chloe as they band together again to solve the mystery of their missing coworker. Little do they know it will involve the long ago sunken continent of Lemuria (the Atlantis of the Pacific), crystal power, time travel and dragons!

Can Rachel become a successful astral-naut? Or will she be lost forever in the cosmos?

A big thank you to all who support me. That includes Marilyn, Cherie, Joe and #1! And special thanks to readers who have embraced Rachel Blackstone and her adventures.

Review of “Reluctant Medium:” I really enjoyed this book! This book kept me up way too late. I can’t wait for the next one! — Angela Causey

Free Book Promotion September 22 & 23, 2013

“Reluctant Medium” Flies Free This Weekend

Available only at Amazon

Available only at Amazon

The paranormal mystery with Rachel Blackstone as the Reluctant Medium will be available free only on Amazon this Sunday and Monday, September 22 & 23.

For a copy:

For more information, please check out the following: is all about books. is all about books. is helping readers and writers find one another. He has more than 20,000 Twitter followers and his Web site is full of books and reviews. Check it out for yourself.

Thank you for reading.

— G G Collins

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“Reluctant Medium” Hit #4

“Reluctant Medium” makes #4 on Amazon Fantasy List

Thanks for making the “Reluctant Medium” free promo day a huge success. It made the Top 100 on two Fantasy lists: #4 on Metaphysical & Visionary and #82 on Paranormal & Urban.

I appreciate everyone who took a chance on Rachel Blackstone. Her life has been strange since she tried to return her father in spirit. As she stumbles around with these new “talents” we’ll see just how weird it gets while she tries to lead a normal life. Or should we say new normal?

“Lemurian Medium” is in the final stages of completion. I’ve heard rumors about sinking continents and dragons. Dragons?!

— G G Collins

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