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New Children’s Christmas Book by David Chuka

David Chuka Does It Again: Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas

Meet David Chuka

Author David Chuka

Author David Chuka

From GG: David Chuka began writing children’s books because he found only one Kindle book available in the form of a beginning reader for his daughter Ruth. She loved it, but . . .  “I couldn’t find many books on the Amazon Kindle store that I could download.” One day, he thought “Hey, I think I can write stuff that she’ll like. I went on to write my first children’s book titled If You See a Doctor and I haven’t stopped since then.”

Kojo the seadragon Gets Lost

Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost         Available at Amazon

He has written three non-fiction Animal books for children that contain fun facts and photos.  One is the fiction Animal book titled Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost. “The story is about a one-eyed, buck-toothed, multi-tailed sea dragon who gets lost while playing a game of hide and seek. Although he was advised by his Mum never to go to the South side of the river, he ventures there because he wants to win as he never does against his friend, Kofi. The story is ultimately about how a community comes together to rescue Kojo and how he learns to trust his Mum. I think telling a story with animals is fun as you can get away with a lot of things.”

New Release: Ta-dah!

Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas by David Chuka

Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas by David Chuka                       Available at Amazon

In this book, which is the fifth instalment in his best-selling series – The Adventures of Billy and Monster – David tackles that scenario we sometimes face during the holiday season: What do we do when we get a gift we don’t really like? Billy gets a golden pen from Uncle Leland from England while his cousin Bob gets a Monster truck. Billy doesn’t show any gratitude and his attitude makes his Dad mad and his uncle sad. An incident at the refrigerator while reaching for Grandma’s chocolate caramel pecan pie leads Billy to a world filled with snow and colourful monsters. While there, he learns about one of the most important things about Christmas. I’ll be picking up a copy to enjoy with my loved ones over the holidays. Do grab a copy today.

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