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FREE Kindle eBook “Lemurian Medium” Paranormal Mystery

How Far Would You Go to Rescue a Friend?

“Hang on tight…it’s quite a trip!” — Concordia Belle, Amazon Reader/Reviewer


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Rachel BlaBook Cover Newest LM 6-2014ckstone, the Reluctant Medium, travels through time to a place known only by legend. She finds herself on a continent destined to sink beneath the sea. While some of the inhabitants seem friendly, there are others with decidedly violent temperaments. Can she find her friend before cataclysmic events prevent their escape? Find out free. Thank you for reading.

Discover how Rachel Blackstone became the “Reluctant Medium” in Book 1:…um+g+g+collins

Lemurian Medium Coming for Holidays

Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series Continues With Lemurian Medium

When a friend vanishes into a painting at a posh Santa Fe gallery, Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of her. What she doesn’t expect, is to land in an ancient civilization, one intent on keeping her–and her unproven powers. Even more frightening; a Mesoamerican deity who enjoys human snacks.

Join Rachel and friend Chloe as they band together again to solve the mystery of their missing coworker. Little do they know it will involve a long ago sunken continent, crystal power, astral travel and dragons!  The two friends consult with a soul navigator. And they take time out for the Christmas Eve Farolito Walk along Canyon Road. For more on this see:

Can Rachel become a successful astral-naut? Or will she be lost forever in the cosmos?

Coming soon to Amazon.  Find out how it all began. Reluctant Medium available at:

— G G Collins

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Astral Travel: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Do You Think You’ve Traveled Without a Broom?

Flying Without a Broom
Available at Amazon

While some may think they’ve never taken to the astral plane, author D. J. Conway who wrote Flying Without a Broom, might just convince you otherwise. She says if you’ve ever participated in dream action scenes or experienced vivid dreaming in brilliant colors, you may have already have already made a visit. Conway says dreams of deceased loved ones, futuristic or historical dreams may also indicate a round-trip to the astral plane.

I first learned about astral travel while watching a rerun of the 1979 movie The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan starring Lindsay Wagner and Marc Singer. In it, Wagner’s character would go to sleep and travel back in time where she met Singer’s character. They of course, fell in love. I won’t tell the ending, because it is available on DVD. Wagner has more recently appeared on Warehouse 13 as Dr. Vanessa Calder.

Reluctant Medium
Available at Amazon

From that time, I was interested in this strange mode of travel. In the forthcoming Lemurian Medium, our intrepid Reluctant Medium Rachel Blackstone learns that friendship sometimes means going to the ends of the Earth—or even farther.

For the initiated, astral projection can appear impossible. As Rachel learns, it’s not a matter of snapping one’s fingers and off you go: will that be first class or coach? There is all manner of magical entities: teachers, healers, even lovers to meet. You can time travel forward or backward. But one must also be on the lookout for the darker side of the astral. Psychic attacks may be launched and we must learn to protect ourselves.

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan
Available at Amazon

Have I flown without a plane? I believe I have. I’ve had dreams where I flew above the Earth attached to a silver strand. I’ve visited with loved ones who have passed over. And I’ve experienced very vivid and colorful dreams.

Certainly, I couldn’t ignore the value of astral travel in fiction. When I needed my character of Rachel Blackstone to move through time, I remembered this fascinating topic and went straight to Conway’s book. The Reluctant Medium has one more thing to be reluctant about.

— G G Collins

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Meet Chile Pod, the Reluctant Medium’s New Friend

Cutest Cat in the Cosmos

Meet Chile Pod
Kitty Pal to Reluctant Medium
copyright G G Collins

The little tortoiseshell cat came with the house Rachel Blackstone, the Reluctant Medium, bought after her divorce. No one knew she was there. Her first companion died in an accident. When his family came to clean out the house, they didn’t see the cat.

Thanks to actor Logan Masters who was filming in New Mexico and became a friend of Rachel’s, the cat was saved. Rachel wasn’t a cat person at first, but Logan was. He scooped up the cat in his arms as Rachel watched in surprise. A few minutes later, with cat hair all over his expensive jacket, she knew the cat was staying on after she bought the house.

A couple days later, Rachel stopped by to feed the small creature, even before she closed on the house. On one such occasion, the evil spirit appeared and the cat’s psychic intuition was revealed. Chile Pod bristled and headed for the comfort of a tree the moment she noticed the spirit’s presence. Rachel was trying to figure out what was wrong when it became evident.

By the end of the story in the Reluctant Medium, she had decided on a name: Chile Pod. She chose it because of the cat’s mottled fur colors. It reminded her of how chiles change from green to red. The pepper’s skin becomes spotted with different colors as it matures.

Chile Changing Colors
copyright G G Collins

Chile Pod realizes her first human won’t be returning, but this new one is growing on her—although this person is a bit strange. Currently, Rachel’s learning about astral projection, and it’s a crash course, because a friend has literally disappeared into a painting at a gallery showing. She needs to become skilled at projection quickly to save her friend from a strange vegetative prison in the forthcoming Lemurian Medium.

One thing’s for certain, Chile Pod will be around helping any way she can. She knows when spirits and other creepy visitors are about to appear at Rachel’s little house in the South Capital area of Santa Fe. But mostly, she enjoys curling up on the warm computer printer and chowing down on spicy burritos her Auntie Chloe brings her.

— G G Collins

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