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Reluctant Medium Book Giveaway

There are 5 copies of Reluctant Medium (Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery) available as an #AmazonGiveaway. Here’s where you can enter to win one, but don’t delay.

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Synopsis: All Rachel Blackstone wants is to talk with her father; solve the mystery of how he died. Using a Native American ceremony given to her by a shaman, she summons him in this paranormal mystery. Instead, a soul intent on revenge slips through and threatens people she loves. Now the Santa Fe, New Mexico reporter must follow the evil spirit, uncover its purpose and send it back. The shape-shifter has horrific powers. Rachel is tormented by what she has unleashed. There’s more. She’s seeing dead people; which frankly give her the creeps. Some are helpful; others lead her away from the truth. One spirit, a lone wolf, seems to have an uncertain allegiance. What she, and friend Chloe—both fledgling women sleuths—uncover is an earthly scam involving both the quick and the dead. Rachel must play a dangerous game of fantasy treasure hunt to stop the ruthless ghost. To survive, she must discover her own psychic powers during a climatic supernatural storm of earth, wind and fire. In this thriller, to fail is to die. Reluctant Medium is first in the series.

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FREE Mystery Anthology: Murder USA is Out!

Murder U.S.A. Promises Country-Wide Crime Spree 


Book Cover Murder USA Final

Free Wherever eBooks are Sold:

Welcome to a country of mystery, mayhem and murder. Thirty-one mystery writers from all over the US joined forces to wreak havoc. It’s a virtual mystery candy store with everything from Cozy to Procedural to Paranormal. North, south, east or west; we’ve got you covered. No region was spared from the grip of terror.

Atomic Medium

“Atomic Medium” is included in the Southwestern states. Meet Rachel Blackstone, New Mexico journalist and Reluctant Medium–very reluctant. This is the third outing for Rachel in her new persona. This time she and friend Chloe follow the clues to 1945, just before the first atomic bomb is tested–but can they stop those intent on changing history?  Atomic Medium Available at Amazon

And the really big news?  “Murder U.S.A.” is FREE! Free to try new, known and emerging authors. Compiled by Kristen Elise, PhD.


Interview with Rachel Blackstone, the “Reluctant Medium”

Meet Sassy Rachel Blackstone

Interview with character Rachel Blackstone, the “Reluctant Medium” is scheduled for October 23, 2013 during Meet the Characters Blogfest. Be sure to enter the contest for free books while there. The Blogfest runs through the end of October.

Will add link as soon as available.

Copyright G G Collins Available at Amazon

Copyright G G Collins
Available at Amazon

Badge Meet the Characters Blogfest


Meet the Characters: Month-long BlogFest

Book Characters in Spotlight

Badge Meet the Characters BlogfestMeet your next favorite character at the Meet the Characters BlogFest. This is a month-long festival of character interviews, bios, contests, guest blog posts and free books! The following page goes live October 1 and continues through the month.

Rachel Blackstone, the Reluctant Medium, will drop everything and do her interview on October 23, 2013. Blackstone is currently searching for a friend on the astral plane in Lemurian Medium (due out in October), but she always has time to  mouth off, er, do an interview. And here’s where she will do it:

Be sure to enter the contests for free books while you’re there.

Host Delsheree Gladden had an enormous hit last year with Meet the Characters Blogfest. Join us for all the fun as we make this one even bigger. Did I mention there were free books?!

— G G Collins

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