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World Building in Fiction Writing

Builder of Worlds

By G G Collins          (Copyright 2019)

I never expected to be a builder of worlds and yet I’ve written two books where I needed to do just that.

Time travel is always tricky, but it’s also fun. In Lemurian Medium I sent protagonist Rachel Blackstone back in time via astral travel to the mythical continent of Lemuria. I began reading about the continent that reportedly sunk into the ocean when a cataclysmic series of earthquakes and volcanoes broke up the island country and the sea claimed it.

When you ask people to buy into a paranormal or fantasy story line, it’s important to include as much fact as possible, to lend integrity to the story. I began reading the works of Colonel James Churchward, who called Lemuria by another name; Mu. He studied monastery sources in India while serving in the British army.

After getting a basic idea of Churchward’s theories I read Frank Joseph’s book The Lost Civilization of Lemuria: The Rise and Fall of the World’s Oldest Culture. There are many creation stories and Lemuria is one for that part of the world. There is a museum in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan called the Mu Museum and is a tribute to the Motherland. In the Hawaiian Ethnic Art Museum in Oahu there are carvings that seem to verify the existence of a golden race who survived the onrush of the sea.

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Reputed to contain the history of the ancients.

To make the city realistic I researched the Romans from their garments to their communal toilets. In addition I read Shirley MacLaine’s dreams of Lemuria as she related them in her excellent book The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit. Her description of the Lemurians—some golden, some violet, and hermaphroditic—let imagination work on that. For homes, I went with crystal construction with private areas being opaque. Rachel was surprised to learn she could communicate either from her mind or with the use of Lemurian seed crystals and crystal balls.

I needed a villain in spirit and chose Quetzalcoatl, a Mayan god who liked to dine on humans. It is thought that Lemurians who survived the end of their homeland took to the vast sea and made their way to what is known today as Central America and to the southwestern part of the US.

When my research was complete I was no longer certain that Lemuria was a myth. I hope readers of the book can entertain that possibility as well.


Lemurian Medium Sample Chapter

Sample “Lemurian Medium”

Lemurian Medium Copyright G G Collins

Lemurian Medium
Copyright G G Collins

Click on the “Sample Chapters” tab above to read the first chapter of Lemurian Medium. I’ve also included the bibliography I used to research Lemuria, astral travel, crystal communications, space clearing and Mesoamerican ancient culture including Chichen Itza and the man-eating deity Quetzalcoatl.

— G G Collins 

For more information, the Kindle ebook is available only at Amazon:

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FREE New Release “Lemurian Medium” December 28 & 29, 2013

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“Lemurian Medium” a Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery

When a friend vanishes into a painting at a posh Santa Fe gallery, Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of her. What she doesn’t expect, is to land in an ancient civilization, one intent on keeping her–and her unproven powers. Even more frightening; a Mesoamerican deity who enjoys human snacks. But first, she must survive the “Terror of the Threshold.”

Join Rachel and friend Chloe as they band together again to solve the mystery of their missing coworker. Little do they know it will involve the long ago sunken continent of Lemuria (the Atlantis of the Pacific), crystal power, time travel and dragons!

Can Rachel become a successful astral-naut? Or will she be lost forever in the cosmos?

A big thank you to all who support me. That includes Marilyn, Cherie, Joe and #1! And special thanks to readers who have embraced Rachel Blackstone and her adventures.

Review of “Reluctant Medium:” I really enjoyed this book! This book kept me up way too late. I can’t wait for the next one! — Angela Causey

Lemurian Medium Released

Rachel Blackstone’s Second Adventure Begins in “Lemurian Medium”

Lemurian Medium Copyright G G Collins

Lemurian Medium
Copyright G G Collins

When a friend vanishes into a painting at a posh Santa Fe gallery, reporter Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of her. But first she must meet her most frightening nemesis and defend herself on the Terror of the Threshold. Will it be the Mesoamerican deity who enjoys human snacks or the evil spirit she crossed paths with before? What she doesn’t expect is to land in an ancient civilization intent on keeping her—and her unproven powers. Part of this territory is inhabited by gentle people, flora and fauna that communicate telepathically. But the other residents are decidedly ruthless.

Legend says the lost continent of Lemuria sank eons ago. Rachel’s visit must be brief or she could be caught up in the cataclysm. She employs crystal power to help her communicate with friend Chloe back home in New Mexico and to defend herself from cosmological attacks.

In Santa Fe, Chloe and soul navigator F Dominic Magellan search frantically for the body of their friend in its altered state. They must return it to the art gallery so she can reclaim it. That proves difficult when they run across someone, or something, who will do anything to stop them.

Meanwhile back on the astral plane, Rachel is dodging Dracs and learning to ride a dragon by the seat of her pants. She has to multitask, coping with earthquakes and volcanoes as the end of the long-lost culture is set in motion, all while staging the rescue of her friend. Catching the red-eye home to the 21st century could prove difficult as she desperately looks for a way to escape a violent reptilian society. They must find and reattach Rachel’s silver cord or they cannot return.

Can Rachel become a successful astral-naut? Or will she be forever lost in the cosmos?

Extras: Christmas Eve Canyon Road Farolito Walk, a ghost hunting assignment.

Contains: mild horror effects, profanity, humor.

For more information:

Lemuria: Lost Continent of the Pacific

Reluctant Medium to “Discover” Lost Lemuria

By G G Collins (Copyright 2013) Copyscape Do Not Copy

Much as Atlantis is the enduring mystery of the Atlantic Ocean, so Lemuria is to the Pacific Ocean.  I suspect that in the coming decades as deep underwater exploration improves, we may learn the truth about these fabled lost continents.

The Lost Continent of Muby James Churchward

The Lost Continent of Mu
by James Churchward

Much has been written about Atlantis, and so I turned to the lessor studied Lemuria for my next book, Lemurian Medium. One man, James Churchward, has studied Lemuria extensively. However, Churchward always referred to the continent as Mu. He wrote several books about the subject and maintained that tablets in India were his source of reference.

Most interesting was the knowledge that Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand recognize Lemuria as their Motherland, much as western culture believes the origins of mankind are found in—what is to us—the Middle East.

Ruins have been found off the coast of Japan near Yonaguni. Here’s a short video of the discovery. Notice that a large sculpture of a face is quite similar to those on Easter Island. There are other longer videos for a lingering look at this fascinating underwater city:

Easter Island Statues
Public Domain

Further, some of our Native Americans are reputed to be descendants of Lemuria, particularly those in the southwest United States. But also the Mayans and Aztecs. It is believed by some researchers these people are of Lemurian heritage and either traveled by sea to settle in the Americas or were lucky enough to escape the great cataclysm that sunk an entire continent and killed millions.

English: The Lost Continent of Mu, by James Ch...

English: The Lost Continent of Mu, by James Churchward. Português: O Continente Perdido de Mu, por James Churchward. Alguém alterou a imagem original. Onde está escrito Lemuria deveria estar escrito Mu, pois são “continentes” distintos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was so taken by the research and the stories of Lemuria I wanted to use it in one of my books. If Lemuria was the Motherland, it would be interesting to see how it would change, not only the history books, but the great religions of the world and even how we think of ourselves.

It certainly will be interesting as more of our undersea mysteries are solved. In the meantime, it has been a pleasure to learn about Lemuria and use its mystical and mythical—but are they really?—elements in the  forthcoming Lemurian Medium (due out December 2013) as Rachel Blackstone travels the astral plane in search of a friend.

*     *     *

For more information:

Check out the History Channel’s Ancient Discoveries episode called “Lost Cities of the Deep.” I tried to find a free site to watch it, but couldn’t. It’s available at the History Channel and Amazon. Or catch a rerun. This episode includes the Yonaguni discovery.

Meet Chloe Valdez, the Reluctant Medium’s BFF

Here’s Chloe!

Chloe Valdez does real estate—she does it very well, a multi-million-dollar agent! She and her business partner own the hottest realty company in Santa Fe. Chloe has been married at least a of couple times (we’re not sure), but she kept the last name of Valdez because it helped with sales in New Mexico.

Her heritage is mostly French and she can swear in that language, and a couple of others. Unlike Rachel, Chloe is open to all things New Age and metaphysical. She thinks nothing of consulting soul navigators or psychics. A vegetarian, Chloe tries to introduce Rachel—who could exist only on green chile cheese burritos—to soy-based meals and herbal teas.

“But then I catch her pouring out the tea!” Chloe says in disgust. “Well, at least I persuaded her to practice yoga.”

Autumn in Santa Fe
Enjoy a Drive
copyright G G Collins

Now Chloe will be the first to admit that Rachel’s job is more fun than hers—but far less profitable. Whenever Rachel sets up a journalistic stakeout, Chloe has it catered. That’s right, catered! She chooses just the right wine for the occasion.

“You have to have the best wine for each surveillance,” she says. “For instance, if we’re keeping an eye on an Spanish subject, I think we can channel him better if we have a nice Cava, that’s a sparkling wine from the Penedés area. Now Rachel doesn’t care. She once said: ‘I don’t care if it’s Santa Clausan wine from the North Pole area!’ She’s impatient and doesn’t always appreciate the finer things.”

Rachel is sometimes—make that always—annoyed when Chloe is picking out clothing for the stakeout.

“She’s a high-heeled boot girl,” Rachel says, “I always wear shoes I can run in. You never know when you might need to make a quick exit. Who buys clothes for a stakeout? I mean really, who does that?”

Or a soak at
10,000 Waves
copyright G G Collins

But Chloe’s always there for Rachel when she has a quandary, which is much of the time. Chloe keeps three sizes of marijuana joints on hand. The size of the dilemma determines the dimensions of the smoke.

“Most issues are small,” Chloe says, “but you never know when you might need to light up the big guy.”

Despite Rachel’s endless journalistic fact-checking, Chloe’s totally open to any spirits and metaphysical occurrences.

“So why didn’t Chloe get the medium gig?” Rachel asks.

“Because I didn’t try to return the dead!” Chloe says. “But it sure opened a whole new set of adventures. I can’t wait for the next one.”

We hear it has to do with the disappearance of a friend, astral travel and a mysterious Spaniard. It’s entitled Lemurian Medium. 

“I’m up for it,” Chloe says. “How about you, Rachel?” Groans.

— G G Collins

Copyscape Do Not Copy

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