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Astral Travel: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

Do You Think You’ve Traveled Without a Broom?

Flying Without a Broom
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While some may think they’ve never taken to the astral plane, author D. J. Conway who wrote Flying Without a Broom, might just convince you otherwise. She says if you’ve ever participated in dream action scenes or experienced vivid dreaming in brilliant colors, you may have already have already made a visit. Conway says dreams of deceased loved ones, futuristic or historical dreams may also indicate a round-trip to the astral plane.

I first learned about astral travel while watching a rerun of the 1979 movie The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan starring Lindsay Wagner and Marc Singer. In it, Wagner’s character would go to sleep and travel back in time where she met Singer’s character. They of course, fell in love. I won’t tell the ending, because it is available on DVD. Wagner has more recently appeared on Warehouse 13 as Dr. Vanessa Calder.

Reluctant Medium
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From that time, I was interested in this strange mode of travel. In the forthcoming Lemurian Medium, our intrepid Reluctant Medium Rachel Blackstone learns that friendship sometimes means going to the ends of the Earth—or even farther.

For the initiated, astral projection can appear impossible. As Rachel learns, it’s not a matter of snapping one’s fingers and off you go: will that be first class or coach? There is all manner of magical entities: teachers, healers, even lovers to meet. You can time travel forward or backward. But one must also be on the lookout for the darker side of the astral. Psychic attacks may be launched and we must learn to protect ourselves.

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan
Available at Amazon

Have I flown without a plane? I believe I have. I’ve had dreams where I flew above the Earth attached to a silver strand. I’ve visited with loved ones who have passed over. And I’ve experienced very vivid and colorful dreams.

Certainly, I couldn’t ignore the value of astral travel in fiction. When I needed my character of Rachel Blackstone to move through time, I remembered this fascinating topic and went straight to Conway’s book. The Reluctant Medium has one more thing to be reluctant about.

— G G Collins

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