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Crystals for Astral Travel

Rachel Blackstone Prepares for Her Astral Journey

The answer next week.


The answer is: All three crystals. Each has a purpose in astral travel. 

Blue Lace Agate: Wards off psychic attacks on the astral plane.

Lemurian Seed Crystal: Aids communication & carries knowledge.

Amethyst: Eases anxiety during any kind of travel.


Yoga: It Does a Body Good

Beginning a Daily Yoga Practice

To me, yoga can prevent or heal almost anything. It relaxes me, strengthens my muscles, builds bone, and keeps me flexible. If I’m anxious, the concentration needed to do the poses, helps me forget my troubles, and makes them easier to bear long after class is over.

Yes, of course that is an overstatement. You can also get hurt—as with any new exercise—but I’ve never experienced an injury doing yoga. The key is to compete only with your self. And remember, we call it a practice because we can never become perfect. As with any exercise, run it by your doctor before doing that first Downward Dog.

Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden

Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden

There are two ways to get started: take a class in person or use a DVD or book. I’ve done both. If you want the in-person experience, ask about the instructor. What kind of training has he had? What type of yoga does she teach? Any certifications? Talk to your friends and see if they can recommend a teacher they like?

There are several yoga DVDs I like. Patricia Walden’s “Yoga for Beginners” is excellent. Walden takes her time and allows you to try on the pose. She doesn’t hurry you. This DVD is one of the best beginner classes I’ve found for those who prefer to learn at home. Once you’ve got the basic postures down, Rod Stryker’s “Longevity” (also called “Peak Performance”) is an excellent overall body yoga workout. It has two sections, the first being somewhat challenging, the second is relaxing with a wonderful meditation. If you’ve never done any meditating, this is a great, and moving, introduction.

Yoga Longevity with Rod Stryker

Yoga Longevity with Rod Stryker

I’ve had very good luck with Gaiam’s yoga practices. Rodney Yee is another instructor who makes DVDs for Gaiam. He also has created meditation programs. If you’d like to try a Vinyasa (or flow yoga), Shiva Rea is very popular. Vinyasa flows a series of yoga poses which raises the heart rate. You need to be quite familiar with the asanas (postures) before attempting Vinyasa and moderately fit for this type of yoga.

Yoga AM-PM with Jane Fonda

Yoga AM-PM with Jane Fonda

For people who are 50 and up (and Boomers may already be the most fit generation as the first to embrace exercise) or younger people who haven’t done an exercise program in a long time, Jane Fonda’s “AM/PM Yoga for Beginners” is a new find. There are five segments; three for the AM and two for PM. Each practice is about 10 to 15 minutes and can be combined anyway you want or done alone. The morning practices are for Abs, Energy and Strength (she uses hand weights while doing standing yoga postures). The afternoon includes Mobility and Relaxation. Just keep in mind, Fonda is in her early 70s and she’s talking while she exercises. She’s fun and personable. While I’m an intermediate yogi, I’ve found a lot here for me. I especially enjoy the Strength segment. These are perfect length for a break during your work day.

Yoga Sticky Mat, Block, Chimes & Singing Bowlcopyright G G Collins

Yoga Sticky Mat, Block, Chimes & Singing Bowl
copyright G G Collins

While you only need a sticky mat for basic yoga, as you move onward in your practice you may want to add blocks for support and a strap for stretching safely. I also like Tibetan chimes (also called cymbals) which come attached to strap. The chime signals the beginning and end of your practice which can help you move into and out of the exercise. There are other chimes that are rung by a striking mallet. And I love using a singing bowl for meditation. The beautiful sound created by the bowl and its wooden mallet helps one focus when entering a meditative state.

Yoga: Mastering the Basics

Yoga: Mastering the Basics

There are two books about yoga I find very helpful. Yoga: Mastering the Basics by Sandra Anderson and Rolf Sovik, Psy.D. The book is beautifully illustrated and the yoga postures are photographed in black and white with descriptions. It also talks about breath and demonstrates using a neti pot for cleansing the sinuses.

Living Yoga by model Christy Turlington is about the yogi approach to life. Turlington has traveled extensively and this book is about her fascinating journey. She talks about the origins of yoga, pilgrimages, breath, Ayurveda and compassion to name a few. The photographs are gorgeous and her execution of the postures inspiring. My favorite chapter is about Vastu or Sacred Space and how to create it wherever you are. She says: “The Vedas accept imperfection, so in Vastu, we strive to do our best. We pay attention to the power of our environment and the needs of our dosha. If we just do this, we can create our own personal sacred space.”

Wishing you Ahimsa (no harm).

— G G Collins

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Review: The Camino by Shirley MacLaine

The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit

by G G Collins (Copyright 2013)

Book Camino Journey MacLaine 2***** The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit is a book I’ve come back to at least four times. MacLaine’s book inspired my own interest in walking “the way” when I first read it in 1999. She made her spiritual journey at 60 (and there are many middle-age and better women walking the Camino de Santiago every year). While it isn’t a day-by-day log—you can get this in other books—it is a series of vignettes, told only as MacLaine can. You get the essence of the Camino with her impressions and experiences along the way. And as a public person, these can sometimes be quite difficult encounters.

English: camino de santiago

The goal:  St. James Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela  (Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons)

This time I’m re-reading her dreams for her take on Lemuria. The first time I skipped the dreams because I was interested in the Camino. Her book Out On a Limb changed the way I look at a lot of things, and opened up possibilities I hadn’t imagined before. The Camino also showed me a challenge to be attempted and introduced me to lands unseen. I’d put this in my “absolutely love” book category. Buen Camino!

— G G Collins

Day-by-day accounts of the Camino experience:

Book Camino Chronical AlcornCamino Chronicle: Walking to Santiago by Susan Alcorn (woman’s view)

Buen Camino: Hiking the Camino de Santiago by Jim & Eleanor Clem (man’s viewpoint)

Walk in a Relaxed Manner: Life Lessons From the Camino by Joyce Rupp (nun’s viewpoint)


For more info on the pilgrimage:

Book Camino Maps BierleyCamino de Santiago Maps by John Brierley (must have for the walk)

Pilgrim Guides to Spain, Camino Frances by the Confraternity of Saint James (must have for the walk) Info: in London


The Way Starring Martin Sheen

The Way Starring Martin Sheen

Along the Way: The Journey of a Father and Son  by Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez

The Way, movie DVD starring Martin Sheen, film by Emilio Estevez

Off the Road by Jack Hitt (inspired the movie The Way)


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New Review for Reluctant Medium

Reluctant Medium has been reviewed by Well Read.

You may read it here and take a look at Sheilagh’s blog. She reviews books and writes them. Check out her A Penny Saved, A Murder Earned. 

My thanks for the kind review.  G G Collins

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