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Crystal Grid Layouts

What is a Crystal Grid?

By G G Collins      (Copyright 2014)

In the upcoming Atomic Medium, reluctant medium Rachel Blackstone will be introduced to a crystal expert. Rachel and friend Chloe will be traveling through time and will need the protection of a crystal grid.
Wealth Grid from Spirit Whisperings

Wealth Grid from Spirit Whisperings           Copyright G  G Collins

Crystal grids are easy to set up and there is abundant information on how to arrange the stones for the best effect. While you don’t have to have a grid pattern, it is helpful for the beginner. Many grids come with the stones required or you may buy them separately. These can be purchased from crystal shops and metaphysical bookstores. I’ll list a few at the end of this story.

Once you’ve assembled the crystals needed for your grid they need to be cleansed, usually with sage smudging, but you can wash them in soap and water. After purification, set them in moonlight to charge them. They are now dedicated to you alone.

The Focus Stone and is placed in the center of the grid. This crystal draws in the powerful energy and then radiates it throughout the lattice that forms the grid. The Way Stones form the first circle around the midpoint. These stones further intensify the energy and move it along to the Desire Stones. They represent the specific purpose for the grid.

Crystal Grid for Clear Heart & Mind from Spirit Whisperings

Crystal Grid for Clear Heart & Mind from Spirit Whisperings, Copyright G G Collins

Once your grid is complete it must be activated with a wand. These can be quite elaborate or very simple: your choice. The grid cards come with an Activation request which is read aloud as you use the wand.

There are two photos accompanying this post. One grid is for Wealth and the other is for Clear Heart and Mind, but there grids for just about anything: protection, confidence, health, conquering fear, even long life.

The time required choosing crystals, cleansing, charging and activation gives one time to reflect on the desired outcome. Enjoy the process.

My thanks to Marilyn who is a wonderful friend and my go-to expert on crystals, stones and grids. Thank you for all you add to the “girls.”


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