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Meet the Characters: Month-long BlogFest

Book Characters in Spotlight

Badge Meet the Characters BlogfestMeet your next favorite character at the Meet the Characters BlogFest. This is a month-long festival of character interviews, bios, contests, guest blog posts and free books! The following page goes live October 1 and continues through the month.

Rachel Blackstone, the Reluctant Medium, will drop everything and do her interview on October 23, 2013. Blackstone is currently searching for a friend on the astral plane in Lemurian Medium (due out in October), but she always has time to  mouth off, er, do an interview. And here’s where she will do it:

Be sure to enter the contests for free books while you’re there.

Host Delsheree Gladden had an enormous hit last year with Meet the Characters Blogfest. Join us for all the fun as we make this one even bigger. Did I mention there were free books?!

— G G Collins

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Free Book Promotion September 22 & 23, 2013

“Reluctant Medium” Flies Free This Weekend

Available only at Amazon

Available only at Amazon

The paranormal mystery with Rachel Blackstone as the Reluctant Medium will be available free only on Amazon this Sunday and Monday, September 22 & 23.

For a copy:

For more information, please check out the following: is all about books. is all about books. is helping readers and writers find one another. He has more than 20,000 Twitter followers and his Web site is full of books and reviews. Check it out for yourself.

Thank you for reading.

— G G Collins

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The Acequia Madre in Santa Fe

The Mother Ditch

Acequia Madre in Santa Fe, Creative Commons

Acequia Madre in Santa Fe, SantaFedia Creative Commons

The Acéquia Madre, or mother ditch, was originally dug by hand some 400 years ago. A system of gates were used to regulate how much water from the Santa Fe River went to irrigate orchard trees and other field-grown crops such as fruits and vegetables. It has been in operation since before the Pilgrims parked the ship at Plymouth Rock.

Today, it is still in use and runs along the street named in its honor. The ditch is both primitive, composed of dirt or gravel, and has sections carefully preserved in stone and concrete. The ditch is cleaned once a year by parciantes (members) and volunteers. Tons of debris is collected and many odd things have been found such as parking meters and even a hot tub.

Map of Acequia Madre in Santa Fe, Creative Commons

Map of Acequia Madre in Santa Fe, SantaFedia Creative Commons

The most recent parciante is the Railyard Park, an area recently revitalized in the historic neighborhood. This is where the Farmer’s Market is held and you can catch the RailRunner train here to Albuquerque. There are about 40 parciantes who regulate the gates that allow the water to flow. The Mother Ditch is still responsible for 18 verdant acres of land.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the New Mexico Register of Cultural Properties, Acéquia Madre is recognized as one of the three oldest irrigation ditches in the States. It continues to bring life-giving water to the City Different on the high desert of New Mexico.

— G G Collins

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