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Taylor Browning Cozy Mystery Series. “Dead Editor File” is the first in this new series. Taylor Browning is the mystery editor at Santa Fe’s premier book publishing house. But there is more to her life than review copies, proofing bluelines and coping with demanding authors. People keep dropping dead around her and she just can’t help but do a little sleuthing. Unfortunately, that tends to land her in dastardly situations. Her home life is complicated too by Oscar, her cat, who runs a tight ship. If dinner is late, things happen. Taylor hasn’t learned yet, she can’t edit her way out of real murder! “Looking Glass Editor” is the 2nd in the series.

Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series: In this series, Collins uses a mix of mystery, fantasy, horror and paranormal elements. One never knows what Rachel will be faced with next. It could be anything from an evil spirit to a man-eating Mesoamerican deity or an alien trying to steal government secrets. The learning curve is steep as Rachel tries to rise to each new challenge. But she is not alone. On her side: best friend Chloe, a Hopi shaman and her psychic cat Chile Pod. There are three books in this series. “Anasazi Medium” is forthcoming.

Teen & YA Fiction:

“Flying Change” is the first book in this series of teen life. Horsey girl Molly O’Connor discovers there is more to life than she expected in this coming of age story about courage, chasing your dreams and horses.

“Without Notice.” Blended families are okay until it affects Courtney’s family. It’s bad enough her father moves the family to a new city after her mother is killed, but then they meet his girlfriend Silky. Courtney resists in the only way a thirteen-year-old can; being unkind even when she doesn’t want to be. But a new friendship with a troubled but adventurous girl allows Courtney to try new experiences, until one of these lands them in trouble. Courtney will have to depend on Silky for help.

Teen Readers: If you enjoy TV series like “Supernatural,” then my Paranormal Mystery Series may be right for you. Beware, it does contain profanity and horror effects. If you prefer a tamer story without profanity, check out my Cozy Mystery Series.  Thank you for reading.

Bio: Besides writing and reading, Collins enjoys travel, movies, the arts, equestrian events and hiking. Most days, she lives above the northern Horse Latitudes.

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Fiction Books

Reluctant Medium, Lemurian Medium, Atomic Medium & Anasazi Medium (Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series)

Dead Editor File & Looking Glass Editor (Taylor Browning Cozy Mysteries)

Flying Change  (Teens & YA) Equestrian Fiction & Growing Up.

Without Notice (Teens & YA) Loss & Blended Families

Murder USA: A Crime Fiction Tour of the Nation is a free anthology.


Skinwalker Medium (Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries)

Editor Kill Fee (Taylor Browning Cozy Mysteries)

All Books Available at Amazon.

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  1. I wish I’d covered equestrian sports, but I was a rider, still am when the opportunity arises. While I usually write mysteries, I chose a YA for my horse book. Probably because I did the most riding as a teen. I began reporting as a staff writer and book reviewer, and then later moved on to health reporting and arts editor. My most frightening story was an assignment to cover what could be seen from rooftops of skyscrapers. Being a bit afraid of heights, it was challenging, but I had a blast. One of my friends has MS and it is so difficult to see how she suffers at times. I’m happy that writing takes you away from the illness. Writing is a pretty great way to get away. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Having discovered you find the horse groups on Goodreads, I am fascinated to discover you are a journalist as well. But where you have a broad brief and perspective, I was an equestrian journalist so somewhat specialised – although I started with a rural affairs/ country pursuits magazine in the UK – The Field – writing social snippers and editing fishing reports. My scariest and most exciting episode was riding in the suicide seat of a four-in-hand at an international driving marathon. I also noted that you mentioned covering an MS fundraiser – that is close to my heart or my brain perhaps as I have MS, However, writing an equestrian mystery has shown me that writing mysteries keeps my MS at bay.

  3. You’re very welcome. Yes, although I still do reporting, blogs are very nice for those of us who just have to string words together. It’s fun to have more control over what I cover. Journalists are life-long learners–or they may be in the wrong business.

  4. Thanks for the follow! I see here a lot of overlap: I too worked a long time in journalism (more magazine and radio documentary side) & still like to write and poke about. So happy to see you following your interests as you go along, that’s the best possible life.

  5. Thank you so much! I will let you know how it goes.

  6. I’d be happy to visit your new site. I’ve been considering doing the same thing. Can’t wait to see your new digs. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Hi,
    I love King. I have many of his books, one of which is signed. My favorite is Pet Cemetery.
    I came by to thank you for visiting my site, Reflections. I am glad you liked my post about Twitter. I am actually moving to a new site, mostlyblogging.com. I am interested in writing a book, and I will be able to sell it there. I hope you’ll visit me there too. Nice to meet you!

  8. Thank you for the lovely note. I had somehow missed it, but found it on a day when I really needed it. GG

  9. HAHA! Well, you’d never get in trouble by me that’s for sure, and although I am not a profane person (usually), being colorful from time to time does have its place.

    You are one of the few I can say I’ve met in the digital realm whom I truly respect.

    Have a great week!

  10. Thank you very much Michael. I appreciate the “Like.” Happy to have made your acquaintance. Enjoy your blog. I know I can curse a little there and not get in trouble. 😇

  11. To have a better insight of those your respect ever so much, is a blessing far greater than any gift one can receive. There is so much to read here and I have my reading eyes on; apologies for not delving in sooner.

    For that I blame my own schedule.

    I have read, “Interview with Rachel Blackstone, the Reluctant Medium” although I could not find a place to comment, but it was Liked 🙂

    Looking forward to my reading time here!


  12. You made my week! Glad you’re no longer among the missing. Go IFFN!

  13. Dangerous woman? God, I hope so 😀

  14. Thank you. You have made my whole week! After years of reporting serious stories, it’s fun to cut loose a bit.

  15. I have an ongoing Google search for “Longmire”–that’s how I found your Longmire comments this morning. Because I appreciated the fine quality of your writing about Longmire’s (hopefully temporary) demise , I started poking around on your page, and now I’m reading more good stuff (technical term) about you and by you. As an editor and freelance writer, I am REALLY having a good time here! I wish everyone could write with such clarity and tart humor. ~~ Mary Huber

  16. Sounds great! Thanks for the advice. Enjoy

  17. No to shorthand, but I did pick up some speed-writing along the way. And then came up with some other shortcuts of my own. Note taking is still very useful. Some journalists use their tablets, et al, to record their interviews and automatically transcribe. Nice. But there are circumstances where this wouldn’t work. I’ve climbed ladders onto rooftops, walked through gardens asking questions and done interviews backstage in total chaos. There are times when you just need a notebook and a pen. I find a regular ball point works best. The fine point and the gels don’t move fast enough in an interview situation. Don’t overlook the weeklies in New Zealand. You can get some great experience and move onto a daily. I hope you have as much fun as I am. And oh my, what you learn! Journalism is for the life-long learner. But be prepared for surprises. An interview can change directions in a second. Roll with it. Enjoy!

  18. You sound like you’re having a great life! Do you know shorthand? Is it still relevant? I just graduated and I’m hoping to enter the journalism scene at some level in New Zealand on a working holiday Visa.


  19. He was the king of horror for many years. “The Shining” was a favorite.

  20. Stephen King is one of my favorites too!

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