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Free May 30 & 31, 2013: Reluctant Medium at Amazon

Reluctant Medium Free on Amazon May 30 & 31, 2013

Available Free at AmazonApril 13 & 14, 2013
Available Free at Amazon
May 30 & 31, 2013

Once you have opened the gates of hell, there is no return.

All Rachel Blackstone wants is to talk with her father; solve the mystery of how he died. Using a Native American ceremony given to her by a shaman, she summons him in this contemporary paranormal fantasy/mystery. Instead, a soul intent on revenge slips through and threatens people she loves. Now the Santa Fe, New Mexico reporter must follow the evil spirit, uncover its purpose and send it back. The shape-shifter has horrific powers. Rachel is tormented by what she has unleashed. There’s more. She’s seeing dead people; which frankly give her the creeps. Some are helpful; others lead her away from the truth. One spirit, a lone wolf, seems to have an uncertain allegiance. What she, and friend Chloe, uncover is an earthly scam involving both the quick and the dead. Rachel must play a dangerous game of supernatural treasure hunt to stop the ruthless ghost. To survive, she must discover her own powers during a climatic storm of earth, wind and fire. To fail is to die.

Contains: mild horror effects, profanity, humor.

Interview With G G Collins

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Thanks Scott. I appreciate it and the Reluctant Medium does too.

G G Collins Interviewed by Scott May 8, 2013

Reluctant Medium Author G G Collins to be Interviewed May 8, 2013 at

G G Collins outside Santa Fe to hike. Where is that backpack?

G G Collins outside Santa Fe to hike. Where is that backpack?

Check out next Wednesday and learn more about G G Collins. What does she have in common with a beauty pageant contestant? What are her favorite places to eat and shop in Santa Fe? What’s the astral plane and how does it fit into her next book Lemurian Medium, due out this summer? Find out what she reads: the good, the mediocre and the downright weird. Learn how reporting can fine tune your skills for book writing. And what about her fixation with Jensen Ackles of the WC’s Supernatural? 

Reluctant Medium found itself in the Amazon’s Top 100 a couple weeks ago during a free promotional weekend. It finished #3 in Mystery/Women Sleuths and #5 in Fantasy/Paranormal. Thanks to all for making that happen.

Available only at Amazon

Available only at Amazon

For more information about Reluctant Medium check out:

While you’re there take a look at Scott’s books: The Five Elements and The Hall of the Wood. He too is a fantasy writer.

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